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Host: Eyan

Welcome, Smogon, to the third UU Classic! This is part of our official UU Tour Circuit where you can test your mettle against the top players in the community. The UnderUsed Classic is a chance to celebrate the history of the UnderUsed tier through the generations. Participants will compete in separate, single elimination UU tournaments for the GSC, ADV, BW, DPP, and ORAS generations, culminating in playoffs and finals. Additionally, players who make playoffs will be awarded points that will count towards the UU Tour circuit of 2019.

This tournament format should be familiar to anyone who has participated in Smogon's Grand Slam or Classic tournaments. The format consists of five separate tournaments: the ORAS UU Cup, BW UU Cup, the DPP UU Cup, the ADV UU Cup, and the GSC UU Cup. Each participant will earn points for how far they advance in each Cup, following a similar point system used in Grand Slam and other tours (see here for more details), but 2 points will be given out for round 3 onwards instead of round 4. When all five cups have been completed, the top eight players with the most points will advance to the playoffs. There they will compete in a best-of-five series consisting of all five generations until we have an undisputed Smogon UnderUsed Classic Champion.

Signups for the first Cup go up on June 24, 2019, with dates staggered by a week:

ORAS UU Cup, hosted by Kink - June 24, 2019
BW UU Cup, hosted by Accelgor - July 1, 2019
DPP UU Cup, hosted by Pearl - July 1, 2019
ADV UU Cup, hosted by martha - July 8, 2019
GSC UU Cup, hosted by Twilight - July 8, 2019

If you have any questions or concerns about the format or predictions about the tour, please post them here. Initially, playoffs will be top 8 players, but that's subject to changes depending on the number of signups.
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